A cookie mix so cute Santa wanted the recipe!


I love homemade gifts at Christmas.  Something small and from the heart, and all the better if it’s covered in chocolate.  Almost a remembrance of the days when I was younger and proudly made gifts for everyone: “Best Dad Ever” mugs and macaroni necklaces for Mom.  In the years past I have given various things from cranberry bread to chocolate covered pretzels, but when I stumbled upon Bakerella’s Cowgirl Cookies, I knew they would be this year’s perfect gift!

Check out those smooth jars, no obtrusive embossed logo here.  Love at first sight!  Not so in love with the price though.  I could only find them at two places: Hobby Lobby ($2.49ea) and Amazon online ($13.99/doz).   Amazon sounds like a better deal, but these bad boys do not qualify for free shipping, and would have cost another $13 just to ship.  Remember my productive trip to Hobby Lobby when making BellaRoo’s class Christmas star favor?  Well, while I was there I looked for the jars.  Sold out! Not a one on the shelf.  And to add insult to injury they were currently 40% off! 
So what’s a girl to do?  Call everyday to see if they have restocked, of course!  Lucky for me, (or maybe more so for HL), they received more the next day.  I quickly put BellaRoo in the car and told her we had to hurry on an adventure!  She was not too excited when we pulled up to Hobby Lobby, for the second day in a row, but that didn’t stop me from racing in and clearing their shelves of these jars.  (Two dozen to be exact).  I found the perfect fabric to go with them, I mean it literally says “Christmas Cookies” right on it.  Grabbed two spools of white ribbon and we were out the door.
I am this terrible combination of procrastinator and overachiever.  (Sometimes I think I overachieve procrastinating).  So of course I forget about these until the very last minute (err, day before Christmas Eve), and then spend hours getting them just right.  I made my first jar, and it was just as adorable as I thought it would be with the festive red and green M&M’s.
I found these cute little recipe cards (also at Hobby Lobby, $1.00!) that were perfect for writing the rest of the ingredients and directions on.  (I actually cut them off vertically right before the word “Serves” to make them a little smaller as to not block the view of the layers when tied onto the jars).
I put them inside this charming box for easy transport.  Look how nicely everyone fits inside.  This made me very happy!
I made a batch of these cookies, and they are as tasty as they are beautiful!  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the oats, but they definitely added something to this dense little cookie.  Couple tips:
  • Make sure to soften your butter.  The amount of dry ingredients far outweigh the wet, so you need to make this easy to mix.
  • These are not easy to mix.  Once again Bakerella speaks the truth, you will need to use your hands to get these fully combined.
  • Don’t overcook them.  They will firm up as they cool.  I overcooked two pans worth before I realized that they just won’t look all the way done when you take them out.


And yes, these were the cookies we left for Santa.  He ate every last one :)


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