25 things before I turn 25:

I’m not one to start the New Year with a list full of resolutions or restrictions.  Not that I don’t subconsciously try to talk myself into eating better, exercising more, and quitting soda… but that would require admitting that I have a problem with those things… and well, trust me, the world is a better place when I’m kept in constant supply of cookies and caffeine.  Have a coke and a smile, anyone?
Not to mention, New Years is quickly followed by my birthday, and what good would being on a diet do me if two weeks in I eat my weight in chocolate cupcakes?   Nothing spectacular about turning a year older this year, but next year is a bigger deal (If only for the sole reason of not being charged an underage fee on rental cars!)… I will be half way to 50! Yikes.  (I guess this is where I should admit my irrational, unavoidable, fear of getting old.  I know I’m not alone in this?)
So this year, instead of resolutions, I created a list of things I would like to do before my next birthday.  I don’t like the term “bucket list” so this is my “living list”.  Here goes, in no particular order:
1.       Go to a professional basketball and hockey game.  I have never been to a professional game of any sport other than baseball.  I don’t much care for hockey, but I hear it’s a great experience, and James really enjoys it.
2.       Read one new book a month.  I read so much for school that it’s hard for me to read for pleasure.  I have been reading “Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom for what feels like the better part of a year, so that is first on my list to finish.  Do you have any recommendations?
3.       Complete a 365 Days in Pictures Project.  I am a little nervous about this one.  I know it’s just one picture a day, but I’m so afraid I will forget just once and then feel like the whole thing is ruined.  Follow me on Flickr
Day 3
4.       Bake more!  When I was an intern I used to bring weekly Friday goodies; just a little something I baked to share with the team.  At the end of my internship I put all the recipes in a book and sold the cookbooks to raise money for a local children’s charity.  Since I have been hired fulltime, I have not been bringing as many treats—much to my coworkers’ dismay.
5.       Graduate!  I am set to get my bachelors degree this December.  I am b-e-y-o-n-d excited to be finished with school.
6.       Go skiing (or snowboarding).  I have never been, and while I have a feeling I am going to hate it, I want to experience it once.
7.       Visit Boston and go to a Red Sox game.  As I mentioned in #1 I am a baseball girl (Go Rangers!) and I LOVE to visit stadiums in other cities.
8.       Buy a “big girl” camera and learn how to use it!  I am really excited about this one.  I have two really good photog friends that I am expecting to teach me everything they know.  Currently most all of my pictures are taken via iPhone, even though I have two point-and-shoot cameras.
9.       Stay in a Bed & Breakfast in the hill country.  I want to take a romantic trip somewhere in East or South Texas, maybe visit a vineyard or see the wildflowers. 
10.   Go to the Tulip Time Festival in Holland (…Michigan that is).  I LOVE tulips.  James and I had just met a few weeks before Valentine’s Day last year and he sent me a gorgeous bouquet of  red, white, and pink tulips to my office.  Scored major brownie points for that one.

So sweet

11.   Learn to like to cook.  Not learn to cook, learn to *like* to cook.  Between being a picky eater and a busy mama, I am always looking for quick and easy dinner ideas that I will actually eat.  I need to start making weekly meal plans or making meals ahead of time.
12.   Coupon!  My mom is the queen of coupons.  The stores pay her to take food off the shelves.  No, really.  I see her receipts and I know the savings are real; I just need to get in the mindset.
13.   Read the Bible cover to cover.  This is something I’ve never done before and really feel the need to do it as Isabella is getting older.
14.   Eat more fruit.  I would say fruit AND vegetables… but I want these goals to be attainable.  James and Bella love fruit, it’s always in the house, it’s such a simple snack… I have no excuses!
15.   Drink more water.  Note I did not say drink less soda ha-ha, but I do need to substitute in some water.  I do believe this plays a big part of overall health and is another easy fix.
16.   De-clutter!  I always have plans to get rid of things not being used.  (Or worn.  Like that pair of jeans from high school that I am not yet willing to give up on the dream of squeezing back in to.  #14 & #15 should help with that right?).  I need space though; I want to create an atmosphere that I can bake and craft in.
17.   Go to more antique stores.  Learn to upcycle!  I love all things vintage.  I want to treasure hunt.
18.   Grow my Etsy store.  I have big ideas and the support to do it; I just need to turn that into a reality. 
19.   Learn to use fondant.  I’ll admit… I’m a little afraid of the “f” word.  Love the look, hate the taste.  I have seen all these recipes floating around for marshmallow fondant that is supposed to be amazing. Do you have one you would like to share?
20.   Try to make doughnuts.  Mainly because my Dad loves doughnuts and I love my Dad.  I’ve never met a doughnut connoisseur that could rival him, but Isabella and James definitely eat their share (and possibly yours and mine).
21.   Make handmade cards again.  When I was younger I used to make cards for all the holidays.  I even used a “logo” on the back—“Emily’s Cards: We put the Happy in Happy Holidays”.  Ha-ha.  My grandparents still have some on their refrigerator.  It’s hard to justify spending $5 for a card when I know I can make one much cuter and much more personal.
22.   Find the perfect pair of jeans.  Okay, if I actually go through with #16 I am going to be in search of a new favorite pair.  (Let’s start with one that fits).  Have a brand you swear by?
23.   Dress for me one day a week.  With school, and work, and a four year old, I have somehow found myself in this deep hole of pony tails and flip flops.  The road down was paved with high heels and sassy skirts, but I look around now and am surrounded by t-shirts and (my un-favorite) jeans.  While I’m not disillusioned to believe I am going to get up an hour early everyday to put on makeup and curl my hair, I do want to make more of an effort.
24.   Make French style macaroons.  I think these are gorgeous.  And honestly, I’ve never eaten one.  So maybe I should start with ‘eat a macaroon’ ha-ha
25.   Eat the best cupcake I’ve ever had.  I’ll admit it… I am a cupcake snob.  I grew up spoiled on homemade moist cakes and rich frosting, so much so that I can’t even eat most store bought cakes.  I would love to hear your favorite places!    
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3 Responses to 25 things before I turn 25:

  1. Susan says:

    7 – You’ll really enjoy Fenway, that was one of our stops on our honeymoon :)
    13 – I recommend one of those guides meant for reading it in a year, it helps you not get bogged down in the dry sections (hopefully that’s not a terrible thing to say, but genealogies are not definitely not my favorite things to read!)
    22 – Delias!!! They have long versions of pretty much everything and the perfect amount of stretch. They have good sales too, I got my favorite pair for 9.99!

  2. Ann says:

    2 – Ok, so this is funny coming from me, cause I’m really not such a reader, but I loved The Help and The Glass Castle.
    6 – I really want to take snowboarding lessons with you!!
    22 – We’ve gotta make our trip to Loft. : )
    LOVE THE LIST!!! I’m inspired!

  3. Marina says:

    What a great list, I need to work on one. I like the baking resolution, I need to bake more too but with too little kids any baking exersize quickly turns into a big mess :)

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