The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Cry

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but then I got some exciting news… and some not so exciting news.  Wasn’t planning on that happening either.  So what would you like first, the good or the bad?
Let’s go with the good.  I received a Stylish Blogger Award from a very sweet blogger Two Kids and a Fish.
Thank you so much!  I recently found her through Bloggy Moms and have been enjoying her site ever since.  Her post Derek Jeter is my friend had me laughing out loud. 
 Now it’s my turn to pass along this award to some recently discovered bloggers.  {Drum roll please}
What Megan’s Making: I wish I could remember how I stumbled upon this great blog, but either way I’m glad that I did!  I have already made several of Megan’s recipes.  In fact, I am going to feature her Soft Wrap Bread in my next Wednesday Weekend Recipe Wrap Up.  It was Megan that led me to my next blogger, with her Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip.
How Sweet: Seriously, my newest “baking crush”.  I love this blog. I love the clean layout, the yummy recipes, the amazing photos, the clever writing, the aversion to vegetables … and I’m even beginning to love bacon.  Her one bowl vanilla cupcakes for two made my heart skip a beat.
Love Endures All Things: Susan is actually a friend of mine from high school, but she just recently began her blogging adventure.  She posts super crafty things that make me wish I knew how to sew, like this adorable clutch or this ridiculously cute socktopus.
Having Fun Saving: Another blog I discovered through Bloggy Moms.  She posts some great, practical, tips for saving money.  She also posts a ton of coupons, sales, and all around good deals that are currently going on.  I am a fan of hers on Facebook and love getting the daily updates!
Casicline Designs: Cassie is also a friend of mine for several years, and she just recently launched her photography business.  I promise you I am not just giving her this award because she is my friend, two seconds on to her page and you will see that she is an amazingly talented photog.  I’ve featured a few of the pictures she has taken for me on my blog before, but hop over and check out more of her amazing shoots.  She makes me want to get married, get pregnant, and have a tiny new baby just so I have an excuse to book her!  (Preferably in the order J)
Part of my acceptance speech is also to include 7 things about myself. Hmm, here goes:
1)      I am one of the pickiest eaters ever.  My 4 year old eats better than I do.  (Kind of ironic that I am posting this on my FOOD blog, huh?)  I’m not just a picky eater but I also have food “rules”.  Example- I love salad, but salad to me is strictly Italian dressing with a side of iceberg lettuce, minimal carrot shavings, and cheese.  However, I will not, under any circumstances, eat lettuce (or tomatoes) on my burger, sandwich, or tacos.  I’m also a super taster but that’s a whole other post!
2)      I live in Texas and yes I ride horses.  I was actually Rodeo Queen of my high school.  One of my favorite memories is when my Dad and I rode horseback through a Dairy Queen drive-thru.  Not so favorite memories is when we were racing in a field across the street from said DQ and I hit a guide wire from a telephone pole and subsequently broke my collarbone.
3)      I hate coffee.  Yeah, I said it.  Some of you may disown me over this, but I just can’t drink it.  Plus I hear it stunts your growth, and at a solid 5’11 I just can’t risk that (lol). However, I do very much enjoy hot tea.  Still a little mad that I jumped on the Starbucks bandwagon with their Chai Tea Latte, but seriously, dessert in a cup.
4)      I have been baking since a very young age.  My mom says I mastered the perfect pancake before I could write my name.  When I was in 4-H (yes, horses- remember?, see #2) I entered the county livestock show in the pie division.  I won Grand Champion Pecan Pie while I was barely even in middle school!  (Said pie later auctioned off for $750!)
5)      If you ask BellaRoos what my favorite color is she will tell you turquoise.  (My kitchen is painted this color)  Which is correct, but I am currently obsessed with Tiffany Blue.  (My toes are painted this color) 
6)      I am addicted to cherry coke, fettuccine alfredo, chai tea, dark wash jeans, peep toe heels, cute jackets (serious, need an intervention), Jersey Shore (fist pump!), sweet BellaRoo kisses, too cute to eat cupcakes, and my sometimes crazy life.
7)      I got some sad news today.  Leave-work-because-I’m-crying-in-my-cubicle sad news.
Yeah, I was hoping I would forget to bring up the bad news too.  Today we found out that our sweet puppy, Missy Loo Perry (I named her Missy, Loo somehow got added in as a fitting middle name, and BellaRoos added Perry because that’s the name of the dog on Olivia), has a dislocated hip, possible small stress fracture, and signs of hip dysplasia.  Our vet has recommended surgery ($$$$) and referred us to a specialist. 
We can’t get any guarantees of what her life will be like after the surgery (will she be good as new? Still in pain?) or what her quality of life will be without it.  I’m a kick butt-take names later, stand in the face of adversity, no fear decision maker… I’ve made plenty big girl life decisions before, but this sweet little golden retriever has my eyes welling flowing with tears as I write this.  She’s a sweet girl y’all.  One with those pleasing eyes that say I’ll do anything for you if you could just tell me what you want.  One that you aren’t afraid to let your kid hug around the neck and wrestle with.  One that barks like she’s 10 feet tall when she hears something outside and you’re home alone.  One that could use some extra prayers today.
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5 Responses to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Cry

  1. casicola says:

    Thank you for this sweet award. I am honored.

    And lots or prayers for you, Bella, and Missy..I cant imagine your pain….


  2. Thank you so much for including me, you are so sweet! :) I hope your puppy is ok!!

  3. ThaiHoa says:

    AAAWWW, poor puppy! I am shocked you don’t like coffee LOL. I thought Starbucks was a dessert only place? Just kidding but most of their stuff just taste like sugar and cream.

  4. Keeping you, Bella and Missy in our prayers. Love the photo! About the coffee, I understand, it’s not for everyone. I get funny looks when I tell folks I don’t like cheese on my burger.

    P.S. Still swooning over S’more Better Pie! Going to give it a try very soon… Mmm!

  5. Tracy says:

    Thank you for the award – but most importantly – prayers to you and yours…
    Take care, Tracy

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