Weekend Recipe Wrap Up

When I started doing this weekend’s recipe wrap up I didn’t realize I should have titled it ‘How many different ways can I cook chicken breast?’.  Thank goodness for Friday night’s non-bird meal or my family might have been clucking by Tuesday.  Last weekend the theme was ‘yellow’ food, at least I did a little better this weekend introducing some color!  Cluck!!
Friday- Meatball Subs
I used Picky Palate’s recipe for Mozzarella Stuffed Homemade Meatballs.  So yummy!  I’m not a mustard fan (except for when I was pregnant and apparently thought that I wanted mustard, only to discover after trying it on hotdogs, corn dogs, turkey sandwiches, and french fries that I only liked the SMELL of mustard) so I think next time I would drastically reduce, if not omit, the mustard. 
I used my pizza dough recipe to make these cute little hoagies.  Separate the dough into four little loaves and bake 15-20 minutes at 350o.  Anyone know a trick so the mozzarella doesn’t bake out of the meatballs?  I had this problem when I made mozzarella bites the other day.  Less heat/more time? More heat/less time?
Saturday- Chicken Alfredo
Have you tried the new Philadelphi a Cooking Crème?  Try it.  Tonight.  This recipe is a super easy weeknight dinner.  James grilled the chicken, I boiled some penne pasta, and then when the pasta is ready just toss them together with the cooking crème.  (I used the Italian Cheese and Herb.)  How easy would it be to add some broccoli in there?  That is, of course, If you liked the little green monsters.  
Sunday- Chicken Spaghetti
I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe and, as usual, she did not disappoint!  Now if you read this you know I am not about to cook a whole chicken.  (I used grilled chicken and a can of chicken broth)  I should also admit that I strongly dislike hate mushrooms.  So I think next time I will use one can cream of mushroom and one can cream of chicken.  I still get credit for the red and green representation in this dish right?  What do you mean pimentos and green peppers hardly count as vegetables?
Monday- Chicken Cannelloni
Cook lasagna noodles as instructed on the package.  Spray whatever baking dish you will be using (I used a loaf pan) with nonstick cooking spray.  Now, I don’t like ricotta cheese, so I made an egg mixture of one egg and two tbsp evaporated milk.  This gives it an element of creaminess without the ricotta.  Spread the egg mixture on the lasagna noodle.  I combined the chicken and cheese in a bowl and added 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp onion powder, salt and pepper. 
In the middle of the noodle add a small handful of chicken and cheese mixture.  Roll the noodle and place in the dish seam side down. 
Complete this step for the remaining noodles. 
Add just enough sauce to cover the sides and lightly cover the top of the cannelloni.  Sprinkle cheese on top and bake 350o for 20 minutes or until cheese is bubbly.

Next weekend… less chicken, more color!!  I also didn’t have a crockpot meal this weekend so look for one coming up!


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2 Responses to Weekend Recipe Wrap Up

  1. ThaiHoa says:

    Wow, they all look delicious. I just made meatballs subs the other night. Yummy. I have no idea how to prevent the mozzarella from coming out of the meatballs. I have tried many things and all I can think of is to make sure that the meat around the cheese is thicker.

  2. Kelly says:

    Yummy! Glad I found your blog, it’s great! Consider me your newest follower :)

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