New Product Formulas & Promises from JOHNSON’S Baby

I have a relationship with JOHNSON’S® Baby which may include compensation or products for review.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and love of freshly bathed babies are my own.

Since Sophia’s very first bath in the hospital, she has never enjoyed bath time.  We thought maybe she would outgrow it.  After her first birthday I lamented over the fact that I would probably never have any sweet bath time pictures of her, like I do her water-loving big sister.  It was a battle every single time, which resulted in screaming showers just trying to get her clean.

And then one day, three months ago, she decided it was her idea to get in the bath tub.  My husband cautiously filled it up, while I quickly grabbed a towel and our JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo. 

And what do you know?  She has loved baths ever since.  Now we have to fight to keep her clothes on her anytime we go in my bathroom.  I honestly never thought we would see the day.

Another thing that’s changed in our bath time routine is our JOHNSON’S® Baby products.  After JOHNSON’S® heard that some moms were concerned about the ingredients in their products, they made the decision to stand up and change their product formulas—not because of safety, but for peace of mind.

I’ve trusted JOHNSON’S®  since having my first baby 7 years ago, just as my mom did with me.  Growing up with sensitive skin, I know firsthand how important it is to have products you trust.  The JOHNSON’S® Baby Family is excited to introduce seven newly reformulated products:

    • JOHNSON’S® Baby HEAD-TO-TOE® Wash
    • JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion
    • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo
    • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo & Conditioner for Thick and Curly Hair
    • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo & Conditioner for Thin and Straight Hair
    • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo with Calming Lavender
    • JOHNSON’S® Baby Soothing Vapor Baby Bath

Just as moms make promises to their children, JOHNSON’S® Baby also makes promises so moms don’t have to worry about the products they use on their little ones.  As an open letter to moms, and to show their commitment, JOHNSON’S® created a heartwarming video showing scientists and their families coming together to build an origami stork mobile, symbolizing the delivery of their promise to always listen to moms.  The video concept was inspired by a Japanese legend that folding 1,000 origami cranes will result in a wish granted and a promise fulfilled, which is thought to be a big labor of love. 

When I think about the promises I’ve made to my kids, it’s always something centered around love, health, and happiness.  Their safety and well-being is my #1 priority.  It’s good to know JOHNSON’S® Baby is a name I can still trust and count on, just like my kids will be able to trust and count on me for years to come.



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